Unique piece. Porcelain. Tray Ø20cm • Photographer Marwen Fahrat 

BLUSH — is a material research which started with the will to reuse foam wastes. It has given rise to a series of experimentations and unique handmade objects, inviting a sensory and tactile experience. BLUSH combines disparate materials, foam, coton and porcelain, to reveal each other in unprecedented ways. Ceramics captures the texture of materials by evoking suppleness, comfort and sensuality.
The project is progressing toward the upcycling of natural materials through the slip casting and sublimation processes. Molded prototypes, printed by the foam texture as a memory of this wastes collection, will be show during the London design week with the Form&Seek collective in September.

Unique piece. Porcelain. Tray Ø15cm • Photographer Marwen Fahrat 


Prototype. Porcelain molded. Tray Ø30cm.

Prototype. Porcelain molded. Tray Ø30cm.


1sketches & material library  2experiment—slip casting  3bisque—firing  4molds from the foam texture​​