Design studio by Caroline Venet focussed on materials and processes. Material/Product/Set Design/Art Direction

Pendant light - 2 unique pieces made with upcycled leather for the Parisian gallery ‘Galerie SCENE OUVERTE’. 2023


The light reminds a saddle or leather skins stored on easels at the tannery. It highlights leather potentials and minimizes wastes, the skin sides of the animal always thrown out by the leather industry. The leather is at the same time molded, perforated, then suspended with no addition. It is both structuring and visual filter, as a supple and vibrating lampshade. Perforations play on our perception of the material, from a distance we could see a thin sheet of metal, up close the sensuality of the leather appears, then vibrates with the pattern as an optical screen.
— Handmade by Audrey Ludwig, French leather craftswoman.

L 1500 x Ø 80 mm, Retombée du cuir : 500 mm, Câble noir électrifié : 2 m réglable, Éclairage blanc chaud : 2 700K


AD & Design : STUDiOFOAM 
Production : Galerie SCENE OUVERTE
Leather craftwoman : Audrey Ludwig
Photography : Paul Hennebelle